How to bridge NFTs from BSC to ETH at

How to bridge NFTs from BSC to ETH at

We will make things easier for you to bridge NFTs from BSC to ETH at Trophee.XYZ!

We’ve created this bridge to let our users bridge their NFTs under BSC to ETH and decide when to do the bridging especially with the gas fees are always unpredictable.

By using a blockchain bridge, you can connect two Blockchain bridges with each other, operating under distinct consensus mechanisms.

Blockchain bridges make different chains nonconflicting, instead it is helping them share and execute smart contract instructions, share resources back and forth, and also to transmit tokens. Then the two chains are no longer limited to their origin.

Here are some of the benefits of using Blockchain bridges:

  • With the help of two different blockchains, the blockchain user will be able to create dApps and without being dependent on the host blockchain.
  • By transacting with the two platforms with different consensus mechanisms, the Users can leverage cross-chain transactions.
  • Users can easily shift from volatile cryptocurrency to stablecoin instantly using the blockchain bridges.
  • Digital assets’ hosting on a dApp of a different blockchain are what Bridges also allow.

NOTE: Please read the full WARNING at the Trophee Bridge before proceeding with any transactions.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to bridge NFTs from BSC to ETH at Trophee.XYZ


After logging in to your Trophee.XYZ account, you should go to “My collections” or the “Collectibles” page (to see your current “Collectibles”)


Go to BSC to ETH Bridge by clicking “Bridge” at the topmost part on the right so you will be taken to

NOTE: Read the WARNING thoroughly before proceeding. And on this page you’ll see the walkthrough guide and you should carefully follow each and every step.


Scroll down the page to see your NFT Collections and click on the ones that you want to transfer to the ETH.

Once decided, click the “Transfer Asset” button as shown on the picture below:


After clicking the “Transfer Asset button, it will then ask you to pay for the transaction gas fee.

NOTE: Gas fees are fluctuating and no one can tell how much will it be per transaction


Once your transfer was successful, a small green pop up on the top right corner will show once it’s successful). You can now click “Continue to claim on ETH”.


Now it’s time to pay for the claiming gas fee. Click “Confirm” on this part to pay for it.

NOTE: Gas fees are fluctuating and no one can tell how much would it be at the time that you will do the transatction.


Now that you’ve paid your gas fees, you should go to Trophee ETH and click “My Collections” to see your transferred NFT!✨

Then you should see your transferred NFT just below the page under “Collectibles”

Bridging to ETH will also allow you to sell your NFT on other platforms such as Opensea, Rarible & Mintable.

Thanks for your continuous support Manga Army!❤️

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What the world needs now is connection. Linking Artists (Mangaka) and Art Lovers (fans) through NFTs.


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