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Are you a devoted Manga Token user who is enthusiastic about all things in the manga, NFT, and crypto space who wants to get more involved? Apply to our Ambassador program and become one of our Ambassadors!

Join Manga Token Ambassador Program

We have been working hard in opening our Ambassador program in the light of our global expansion, and we are accepting new Ambassador applications from all around the world! Joining our program will provide you the opportunity to interact with like-minded crypto specialists from across the world, get to know our internal teams, educate users about the advantages of Manga Token, and have access to special bonuses!

Manga Token Ambassador Status

Manga Token Ambassadors are enthusiastic members of our community who promote Manga Token in a number of ways, by promoting the Manga Token ecosystem, suggesting suggestions to enhance Manga Token products, and helping Manga Token customers with queries and issues. Our Ambassadors are crucial in connecting Manga Token with all of its consumers throughout the world!

Roles of Ambassadors

You are essential to the expansion of our community, both online and offline. We have a mission for you, whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a language master, or just enjoy interacting with people online:


Everything we do is centered on engagement. Encourage participation through dialogue, writing, campaigns, and events; nurture and expand the Community.


Promote Manga Token's voice through imparting knowledge and fostering brand affinities. As an Ambassador you will also point individuals in the direction of websites that raise Manga Token's brand recognition on a global scale.


To help Manga Token be locally relevant, actively listen to and share real-time trends and insights from your local community.


By educating our users on best practices that will promote brand recognition and encourage community involvement, we can assist grow and develop Manga Token's position in regional marketplaces.

Perks of Manga Token Ambassador Program

More notoriety comes with being an Ambassador, including exclusive swag, face time with us, early access to features, discounts, and gifts. What are you waiting for?

Find out by becoming one of Manga Token Ambassador right away! Apply here.

By the community

What the world needs now is connection. Linking Artists (Mangaka) and Art Lovers (fans) through NFTs.


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