How to Easily Setup a MetaMask Wallet

Looking to kick off your NFT collection, but not sure where to begin? The first thing you’ll need is a crypto wallet, which will store your method of payment and allow you to access your new NFT. A crypto wallet allows you to purchase, send and receive your NFTs, as well as interact with blockchain-integrated websites—commonly known as decentralized applications (or dapps, for short)—like Trophee.

In this post, we’ll walk through how to quickly get started with MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet.

Getting Started with MetaMask

1. Visit

2. Choose your application and click the Install MetaMask button

3. Choose “Create New Account” and follow the instructions to set up your password.

4. Next, make sure to back up your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase (also known as a Seed Phrase). You should keep this safe (don’t store it digitally) and never reveal it to anyone.

5. Now you’re ready to connect your wallet! Visit either or, click the wallet icon in the top right corner and select MetaMask.

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