Fade-Away Bunny NFT

Fade-Away Bunny Story:

Suutan is a bunny suffering from poor Mental health issues, depression, sleep deprivation, cutting, shopping addiction… .. She bunny got it all.  With a delicate personality, she is also an introvert. Now living alone, after moving away from her toxic parents. Somehow, she’s still holding on to life, even though she wants to just disappear from this world. Trying her best not to get her too worked up, she’s a frail spirit…. 

Suutan is trying hard to live on with her life, she always falls into depression, always at the brink of death (well, most of the time, intentionally). But it seems like fate keeps her alive. There must be a reason why it's happening to her. It's for you to find out!

She stabs herself in the head with a kitchen knife everytime that she’s overwhelmed by her disorders. A darker-themed four panel manga.

Illnesses: Anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, depersonalization disorder.

Favorite medicine: Bromazepam

Rank#1 for a long time in the dark side/underground genre, LINE Manga Indies.

Fade-Away Bunny: By Shiori Kawana

I feel abandoned in my despair, and it's difficult to repair.

I get broken each day some more, keeping these emotions in my core.

I find myself hiding behind this smile, the one that shows my denial.

I have thoughts of lonesomeness, which no person should possess.

I camouflage this so well; It feels like I'm in hell.

I hurt on the inside, trying to push these demons aside.

I want something better, to not feel all this terror.

I know it can be manageable; There are things that make life tolerable.

I just cannot find the thrill, like when I was a child with a one dollar bill.

I remember when dreams were imaginable, now it feels like I'm undoubtedly fallible.

I wish to find myself soon. This feels as if I'm trapped in a cocoon.

I would like to hatch, not be so detached.

I need to end this coldness, before death leaves me soulless.

About the Author, Shiori Kawana:

A former Japanese idol, Shiori is mainly in magazines and on DVD. She had 3 photo books and over 30 DVDs published. She also ranked #1 in Ameba Blog in 2008, had published a blog book in 2009. Creating stories and making characters are what she likes.

She started drawing and posting manga on LINE Indies manga from 2020, “Egwin and Friends” and “Fade-Away Bunny”, updated daily by turns. And now, she is obsessed with Decentraland, and is spending life in the metaverse.

Twitter: @shiorikawana, @nyan_verse  (mainly tweets activities on Decentraland)

Blog: https://lineblog.me/shiori_kawana/

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