Trophee's Biggest Update Yet

We are proud to announce that Trophee has just launched Trophee ETH, Trophee BSC and Trophee Bridge in its biggest update yet!

Trophee Manga Reader

Trophee Manga Reader, where we partner with various mangaka to bring you exclusive manga for you to read at your leisure!

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Trophee on Ethereum

Trophee ETH launches on the Ethereum Mainnet! This lets our collectors bring their favorite Manga NFTs from the Trophee platform to OpenSea, Rarible, and many other popular NFT marketplaces.

Together with this update comes a whole new batch of Trophee exclusive NFTs from your favorite mangakas available on Trophee ETH today!

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Trophee on BNB Chain

Trophee BSC, meanwhile, takes over Trophee’s previous presence on the BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain). All previous NFT acquisitions made on the Trophee platform will be carried over and remain available here.

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Trophee Bridge from BNB Chain to Ethereum

Trophee Bridge, last but not least, allows our collectors to bring their previously acquired Trophee NFTs, as well as future NFT acquisitions on Trophee BNB to Trophee ETH!

Bridge NFTs from BNB to ETH

Introducing Manga Token & Trophee

The NFT marketplace with everything for avid manga fans & supporters
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By the community

What the world needs now is connection. Linking Artists (Mangaka) and Art Lovers (fans) through NFTs.


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